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Latest Phone Number Comments

  • Victoria - no company name, just a request to call back
    by SM - 10 hour ago
  • In the last 3 to 4 days, I've been receiving these annoying calls from this number: 337-717-3130. Since I don't recognize the number, I let it ring, but there are no voicemails left for me. Typically, it will usually ring 1x then stop before I even have a chance to retrieve my phone and look at the number. Attempted to text : STOP calling my number. Got an auto-response text stating that it was not possible to text that number. (Realizing later it was a landline)..)
    by Celeste A - 16 hour ago
  • Some whore from VB called me and got the wrong number. Desperate for johns I guess.
    by Schattenwaise - 16 hour ago
  • This caller claims to be the IRS, who is going to impose a tax lien and issue a warrant of arrest unless contacted!
    by Michael - 17 hour ago
    by MARGARET - 20 hour ago
  • Got a missed call from this number I would like to know the details so that I can contact them back. as the said land line is not getting connected. It may be HDFC Life insurance, I am not sure
    by Sujanya - 1 day ago
  • I am getting call from this number, i have attended the call twice or thrice but there was no reply from the other side. I wonder who could be calling and i am getting calls still from this number. I just want to know who is calling.
    by Kalyan - 1 day ago
  • called me twice but I cannot give them a callback. i was able to get through but the number was asking for an extension number. anybody can help me what company this is?? thanks
    by macy - 1 day ago
  • Person claims to be Frank Andrew Levy - He also has a lot of rental properties listed in various states Like Colorado, Florida and San Diego. Sounds like a rental scam that's been going around the country. Beware . Do not give out your personal information.
    by Don Lockhart - 1 day ago
  • Does anyone know who this is because I got the same call from a "Pep". Called the number back and was placed on hold, then was sent to a voicemail
    by michelle - 1 day ago
  • Msg states "This is investigator Mary Edwards trying to reach, my name, in regards to an investigation concerning, my daughter". She does not indicate what the investigation is about. My daughter's husband is being hired for a new job and I thought that this "investigation" might have something to do with that. I'm not responding until I hear from my daughter. It's a bit cryptic.
    by Joaquin - 1 day ago
  • I keep getting calls from this phone number I pick up the phone and no one is there I feel threaten and think maybe they are terrorists
    by Pat - 1 day ago
  • una persona de nombreMiguel angel Gutierres de banco santander auorizando una tarjeta de credito
    by luis - 1 day ago
  • Male caller inquiring if our company uses 5 gallon buckets of spray adhesive. Was rude and demanding. He then hung up on me!
    by Bix - 1 day ago
  • same thing as Michael....they call make threats and harass you...tell them wrong number and they continue to call.
    by misty - 1 day ago
  • I got a call where caller ID was only 614 (but the call back number was 614-447-2730). Does anyone know who this might be? I thought the lady said her name was 'Optamist White' and was calling about "important and confidential information placed in her office". I won't be calling back because that chick had a scary voice!! Probably a debt collector - just can't figure out who. I thought everything was paid up!
    by JC - 1 day ago
  • Radio station
    by joel - 1 day ago
  • someone call me from this nub. try calling back n/a
    by nll - 1 day ago
  • Attila is a true scammer, lies and deceives people to steal their money. He told me stuff he read from a book don't believe this liar a truly gifted psychic does not have to read books to help you
    by Amy - 1 day ago
  • would like to know who this number belongs too
    by chanelle johannes - 1 day ago

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