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  • I just got a call from this guy accusingly of wrecking his car and apparently I lefty number??? Wth I'm home!
    by Cdbon - 13 hour ago
  • This phone #606-230-6222 is for NACA (Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America). They are a legitimate company, for homeowners facing foreclosure due to underwater mortgages and similar circumstances. I know this because I sought their help with my own mortgage when I was facing foreclosure. Take this for what it's worth. Other posters have no idea what they are talking about, if they do not know this company first hand. I do. Research NACA further and make your own decision, but they are a legitimate company helping homeowners facing losing their homes to foreclosure. Again, I know this as I faced this issue myself, personally. I do not work for them, I have no reason to advocate for them other than I have worked with them myself, in order to save my home.
    by Monkey Shines - 18 hour ago
  • Just got a text from Barclaycard (22725292273) This number although I had to press call to get number I wasn't stupid enough to leave it longer for them to answer ! Defo a scam I don't bank with Barclays not do I have credit card with them which according up my textu crd will be with me in 2 days !
    by Frankie Lyons - 22 hour ago
  • Kelly Smith called from this number.
    by anonymous - 1 day ago
  • whos number is this ?
    by Vinay - 1 day ago
  • They called my cell phone. I declined the call. No message left.
    by T Grant - 1 day ago
  • Unknown number, got few calls in this week!
    by Salonen - 2 day ago
  • SCAM - junk call
    by ric - 2 day ago
  • Got blank call. Cuts the phone in 5 sec
    by chandra - 2 day ago
  • I received a call from Mr. Bob Buckley from 716-242-8364 and was told that a claim would be filed against me for a pay day loan and that he has contacted my employment HR office about me. Also, he has my name, ss#, address - work & home, work number, etc. What can be done about this harassment?
    by anonymous - 2 day ago
  • He's a scam artist from Cork, next to impossible to understand whats he's saying, do not agree to meet with him. Avoid conversation with him.
    by anonymous - 4 day ago
  • Haseeb jamal
    by haseeb jamal - 4 day ago
  • Annoying calls with out break
    by Anon - 4 day ago
  • Just got the same call but didn't answer thank you
    by Mel - 6 day ago
  • I'm disabled and find getting out of bed hard work in the morning.
    by Guesy - 8 day ago

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