877-813-1264 / 8778131264

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  • I called Metlife insurance company at their toll free number and got these clowns with a $100 free Walmart and a $25 dining gift card.  All for a shipping fee of 4.95.  I figured that since it was from Metlife it must be okay.  Dude from India kept jabbering in an accent so thick I couldn't understand him.  I kept asking him for the terms of it and he wouldn't give them to me just the benefits.  Told him I didn't agree to it and wanted to cancel it.  He started jabbering and jabbering in a thicker illegible accent about something and then 19.95.  I told him no and then no Phucken way repeatedly.  While on the phone with him I called the toll free number for metlife 1-800-638-5000 from a different phone and  got this same  message for the $100 Walmart gift card.  I called my credit card and they already had the charges marked with a fraud alert.  The scammers already charged me 4.95 for "Shopping discount Club" and 19.95 for "Tech Support" even though I said "NO".  Had my credit card cancelled and a new one issued.
    by Guest - 10 day ago

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